code Krokodil
project workshops for disabled, ch
type education, competition
size 1’500 m2
budget -
client stiftung sunneschyn  
collaborators -
location meiringen ch
year 2005



The 'foundation sunneschyn' requires a new extension building for additional workshops and education facilities for physically and mentally disabled people.

As a first principal design decision, the project is being organized horizontally on one level only. A barrier free functionality suited to the needs of disabled people is guaranteed. At the same time, the low building horizon embeds the scheme respectfully into the context. Important topographical view lines are maintained.

The second principal design decision was to clarify and reorganize the existing situation by creating a new point of reference for its inhabitants.

The new building takes a complementary position and frames together with the existing buildings a new square. As a meeting point, the square forms the new spatial identity and is turntable of communication for its residents.

These principal decisions in addition to further operational requirements define the buildings length and lead to the overall Z geometry. The precise figure reacts to each surrounding situation by creating in a complementary way specific high quality spaces.

The overall roofscape reads as an analogy to its alpine context.

technical installations