cool lines exhibition

The Melbourne Cool Lines! research aimed at demonstrating urban design’s capacity to integrate climatic solutions to mitigate the urban heat island (UHI) effect. The urban adaptation proposal spanned across North and West Melbourne’s post-industrial regeneration areas. It developed a proposition, how to integrate green and blue infrastructures within the existing urban fabric, while complementing existing pedestrian spaces and routes into a continuous urban network. This network of climate-sensitive interventions envisioned a future scenario that integrates architectural, landscaped and urbanistic elements to form a thriving urban socio-ecology. Conceived to maximise natural ventilation, evaporative cooling and shading, the interventions proposed to house a diversity of programs responding to the adjacent neighbourhood’s needs.


Proposals for these interventions aimed to forge thermally comfortable pedestrian and bike circulation routes through the public realm, joining existing fragmented public space. Their design complements the existing ‘cool’ laneway system of the CBD, providing a vital connection between the city and the densifying north-west - a strategic transformation area transacted by commuter and leisure trails.


Curators: Maud Cassaignau and Markus Jung (Monash University)
with: Kristen Lynne Levey, George Mellos, Seray-Nur Onal, Sumari Smith.

External advisers: Peter Breen (e2designLab), Candace Jordan (City of Melbourne),
Eduardo Kairuz and Jordan Kauffman (Monash University), Luca Lana (Q_studio), Kerry Nice (The University of Melbourne), Jianbin Wang and Tony Wong (CRCWSC).

Design studio

leaders: Maud Cassaignau and Markus Jung (Monash University, 2019)

Master of Arch students: Nazmir Alovic, Paige Carr, Matthew Christy, Ronald Chu, Kristen Lynne Levey, Mingzhu Lu, Briony Mckenzie, George Mellos, Kevissen Mooroogen, Wita Narezwarl, Seray-Nur Onal, Quang Duy Phan, Kristina Stephanou, Tjange Wu.

Bachelor of Arch students: Carol Bate, Harrison Capper, Jiaqi Chen, Liyun Chen, Juan Hu, Seyed Pegah, Arran Roxburgh, Brahn Smillie-Fearn, Sumari Smith, Lucas Stevens, Jonathan Tjandra, Katrina Tongson, Max Vulcan, Anqi Wang, Haoran Yuan, Jin Zhong.