This newly built housing project is located at the perimeter of Zurich’s former industrial zone. Over the past 15 years this area has been strongly transformed and redeveloped in one of the City’s liveliest quarters. The multi-storey dwelling is conceived in rough exposed concrete, which both reflects its historic context and addresses the track field located opposite in a robust but unpretentious manner. The building forms the new head of the existing perimeter block as well as being its centre key. A strategy of party wall has been adopted to keep an open passage to the courtyard. Dissimilar bays develop a dynamic vertical sculpture with a strong urban presence. Seven parties, accommodated in multiple flat types have inhabited the building since April 2011. The types range from small studios to large lofts to a rooftop duplex. All flats are custom-designed according to each client’s wishes and needs. A gallery of contemporary art occupies the ground floor creating synergies with the neighbourhood. The apartments are conceived with open kitchen, dining and living areas and have stunning views across the railway tracks to the City of Zurich. The interior walls and ceilings are finished in exposed concrete and are combined with oak board flooring and built-in cabinets. All apartments are accessed from the main entrance lobby via an elevator. A canopy of cantilevering “seasonal rooms“ protects the external entry area. These rooms are fully openable and serve the front flats as vast balconies during summer. The main stair, which is publicly accessible until the 1st floor, forms a secondary entrance from the exterior courtyard.


projektwohn-und geschäftshaus roentgenstrasse
grösse900 m2
budget5.1 M CHF
bauherreigentümergemeinschaft röntgenstrasse
creditsandreas fuhrimann, gabrielle hächler architekten
mit xpace architektur
photographiealexandre kapellos, oneframepersecond
ortzurich, ch


fassade, modellstudien
erdgeschoss: kunstgallerie
2tes obergeschoss: wohnungen
3tes obergeschoss: wohnung
5 + 6tes obergeschoss: penthouse
ornamentierte fassade, referenzen
fireplace, model studies
treppe modellstudie
cheminee studien