code supertanker
project urban hybrid: tram depot, retail, hospitality, housing, community farming
type competition
size 10’350 m2
budget 44,5 Mio CHF
client Kalkbreite Genossenschaft Zürich
collaboration oliv| brunner| volk architekten, Paul Hirschi Statik+Holzbau, Buri Bauphysik+Akkustik
location zurich, ch
year 2008


Urban Hybrid

The project integrates different urban typologies and programs to form a new mixed-use cityblock:
the courtyard typology, reflects in its scale and layout the context of neighbouring housingblocks and the industrial hall typology matches in height and size neighbouring industrial structures. The readability of the tram hall and the horizontality of the terrace ontop form a counterpart to the verticality of the Lochergut towers.The precise volumetry and incisions define three distinguished urban spaces with very own qualities: the Rosengarten square - the housing courtyard  and the garden terrace. By its new framing, the Rosengartenplatz becomes an actual square. An attractive cascade stair guides to the welcoming and noiseprotected courtyard. It leads to the gardenterrace above the noise of streets and train, where one can enjoy the views onto te city.

Functional organization
The two storey plinth holds all commercial infrastructure as shops, restaurants, duplex ateliers, office spaces, music school and event spaces. At courtyard level lie the main entrances to the appartments of the levels above as well as public infrastructure of the collective.
For a optimal use of space, compact staircases adapt flexibly to the different needs of public and private programs within the hybrid. At the 1st level, stairs jump inwards to let light come into the rentable office spaces. At appartment levels they jump back out to enable a maximum amount of bedrooms to lie at the courtyard inside.

The appartment layouts are based on a cost effective modular system for bedrooms, baths and kitchens. Spatial variety arises from the living space, which reflects the irregular geometry of the building. This gives each appartment its individual touch. The penetrating living space allows natural aeration from both sides despite an exposed situation. Balconies running along its perimeter convey liveliness to the courtyard.


cross section with west fassade
cross section
longitudinal section
ground floor with upper floor projection
first floor
second floor
structural system
typical upper floor
minergie P facade construction
courtyard perspective