code interchange oasis
project water reservoir, relief place, walkable landscape
type landscape urbanism
size 4100 m2
client crc water sensitive cities, city of melbourne
collaborators duy phan
location melbourne
year 2020
status completed


Interchange Oasis

The project for an interchange structure bridges a challenging urban crossing for pedestrians, with cars, busses, trams, and a future metro station. Taking advantage of the multiple public levels and bridge systems of the nearby hospitals, it extends this public realm into a walkable landscape of eateries, hawker stalls and shops. They will provide amenities to patients, families and staff.

At the centre, below, sits a large reservoir, catching excess water from rainfall events, some diverted from Lincoln square and the currently flood prone Elisabeth street. This reservoir will is visually turned into a wetland feeding mangrove trees. Bird inhabited tree crowns provide an uplifting outlook to visitors. A stair welcomes those down, who need a moment of calm. At the lower level, a circular walk along the water offers relief from stress, and further leads to a series of smaller sky lit resting and contemplative spaces/chapels.The overall structure will be covered in climbing vegetation and covered by green roves. As well as the mangrove trees, they are fed by the water reservoir.


Our project was exhibited at NGV's Melbourne Design Week in 2020.

interchange oasis, site location

>> virtual reality model

relief space and water reservoir
interchange oasis, birds eye perspective
courtyard: relief space with water reservoir
interchange oasis, plan
cross-section through relief space with water reservoir
interchange oasis, physical model with university, lincoln and argyle square