In the centre of the new service area of Zurich lies the new square Vulkanplatz. He is strongly delimitated at his borders by the looping train tracks. 

The new square works as exchange hub between local and regional public transportation, and is therefore complementary to the neighbouring central square of Altstetten.

The project suggests a volcano topography, finding its inspiration in the industrial past and the local predominance of asphalt surfaces punctuated by ruderal vegetation. Visually he adresses vegtal qualities in a new way. At the same time he forms a space with strong recreation qualities, serving as exchange platform for the neighbouring buildings.

The topographical configuration shields the square from the noisy street, freeing the centre for efficient crossing by commuters. To the north, the green hills punctuating the asphalt are crossed by narrow pathways leading to protected and more intimate spaces for rest and recreation. The soft topography also offers various possibilities for leisure and relaxation.

projectvulkanplatz zürich, ch
typeurban competition
size10’000 m2
clientcity of zurich  
collaborationgrün- und freiraumplanung, lori hersberger artist, janet schacke
locationzurich altstetten, ch


sitting around the volcano lake
market situation
event situation
little paths
paths and shortcuts
active and calm zones
variable duration of passage