code 2L
project public square leukerbad
type open competition
size 11’500 m2
budget -
client city of leukerbad
collaboration ulrike bahr
location leukerbad, switzerland
year 2002
status 2nd prize




Like in other villages, the existing main square of Leukerbad appears as an undefined left over space within the fabric of the grown old village.

The core of this picturesque alpine resort is exposed to heavy car traffic due to the lack of any delimitation.


Taking advantage of the obliqueness of the square, our intervention proposes two L-shaped sustaining walls arranged opposite to each other. They accommodate two public terraces raised from the hazards of the traffic level. The first terrace is positioned in front of a notorious listed building and integrates the thermal fountain. The second terrace is located in front of two hotels orientated towards the alpine view.

Their twisted disposition in plan calms the traffic down and invites passers-by to enjoy the village scenery.

The terraces form an ideal setting for public happenings on the new main square.